May 02

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Sep 08

Is quality as a competitive advantage dead?

I have a question: Is quality as a competitive advantage dead? label-1197365_640

I was reading yesterday – I know, you’re shocked – about quality as a competitive advantage being over. In his book, The Designful Company, Marty Neumeier argues that thanks to Six Sigma and other quality control tactics, quality is no longer a competitive advantage. He goes on to say that the reason that it is no longer an advantage is because:

Customers now expect every product and service to be reliable, affording no single company a competitive advantage. Quality is a commodity.

Does this tell the whole story about quality as a competitive advantage? Is it misleading to speak about quality and advantage in this way? What does competitive advantage even mean? And what do we mean by quality?

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Sep 07

On business

Doing business is not a war that we are fighting. Our goal is not to slay the children-1587968_640opposition. The point is not to get more of a limited pie. The point is to make the pie bigger. We are not actually striving to win – life is not a game. People are not pawns to be used to further our personal agendas.

Is the world that we have the one that we would imagine for ourselves? Is it the one that we dream of for our children? Can we create the one that we imagine?

Until tomorrow, GUNG Ho friends!

Sep 06

What is a business plan?


The Dream

I have a question: What is a business plan?

I have been thinking about plans again. Each of us has typically done at least one business plan during our entrepreneurial careers. It detailed the dream. But I think that most of us would agree that the plan that we made – long ago – bears no resemblance to the business that we have.

I authored exactly one plan fifteen years ago. Why did I even write the plan? Because I needed one to acquire my preferred office space of course. Would I have bothered if I wasn’t pressured into it? I doubt it.

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