TransforMana is  for high-tech leaders who are determined to live their entrepreneurial dreams.

These leaders are extraordinary people who are transforming themselves so that they can transform the world. And you have the potential to be one of them.

Your business is your story to tell – yours to create. It doesn’t matter how big your team is. It doesn’t matter how posh your office is or how much money you have to spend. It doesn’t even matter how much money you’re making right now. It only matters what is happening inside your company that is having a profound impact on the lives of your customers, your community and your team.

Everyone has an intuitive feel for what a business is. It makes us think that we can all create and grow one. And I think that we probably can. We each have our own instincts that serve us well, but sometimes our instincts are not enough. We have to get rid of the barriers that prevent us from having the business we want.

I think that one of our biggest barriers is our lack of confidence. I have often felt like an imposter with my customers and within the business community. I have felt defensive when people question my business savvy and my decisions. People’s criticism sent me scurrying back into the shadows – into the safety of obscurity.

But can we gain the confidence we need to live the life we want and the confidence to go after the business we want?  Yes, I think that we can.

Confidence comes from real knowledge – knowledge about ourselves, about our business, about our customers, and about how our company will make money and grow. And we have to spend time perfecting our craft as entrepreneurs and as business leaders.

TransforMana’s goal is to release the potential that lives inside of us, to help us all become the entrepreneurs we were meant to be, and to believe in us when we are not believing in ourselves

My name is Debra Greig and I invite you to join TransforMana.