We understand how small businesses succeed, why a great number fail and why a few thrive. They say only one in ten will survive, and that’s just the way it is. We don’t accept that.


To do that, each of us must have expert knowledge about four universal truths. And these four aren’t really a mystery. Every entrepreneur intuitively knows them.

Know yourself… you are the source of your company’s identity
Know your business… it is the source of your company’s energy
Know your customer… they are the source of your company’s power
Know how you make money… this is the source of your company’s success

Those with a passion for growing businesses spend their whole lives working to understand each of these truths – and making sure that everyone in their company knows them too.

That’s what sets the successful entrepreneurs apart. And what will set us apart because we all have the potential to become great entrepreneurs.

But in the words of Jack Stack (The Great Game of Business): You gotta wanna.

So, if you wanna, join a cohort meeting. [Learn more]

We believe in you. Gung Ho Friend!