I’ve been thinking …

Without having actionable metrics – measurements that show me how we are doing – am I not practicing archery in the dark?

Here’s an example. Let’s say that I must send 50 emails to random people each day, promoting my product. If I don’t know anything about the people that I send these emails to and I don’t evaluate the differences between the people who ask for further information and those that don’t, then I have no more knowledge after I sent them than I had before I sent them.

This equates to emptying the quiver with no intentional regard to ensuring I hit the target – never mind the bullseye. How will I hone my message to attract the customers that I want? Maybe I don’t care what customer responds. Maybe I just believe that if I shoot enough arrows into the air, they are bound to strike something eventually. If this is the case, then am I not just blindly shooting arrows into the dark?

Maybe I just need to empty the quiver because I need a container to store my umbrellas.

What do you think?

We believe in you. Gung Ho Friends!