I’ve been thinking… how do I become more confident?

I don’t always feel very confident – especially when I ‘m talking to strangers or am unsure of my role with them. I also lack confidence when I’m not prepared to speak in detail or when I have a tenuous grasp on the subject under discussion.

I despise introducing myself too. I never know what to say in such a broad context. I am sure that most people are not that interested in what I have done or who I know. It always sounds so self-serving to me.  And of course, I hate being asked to speak to a group when I am unprepared to do so. What can I do to be more confident in myself?

I have learned that a lot of my insecurity comes from not being prepared. I show up to an event and just try to wing it. This is a very bad idea if I want to sound like an intelligent human being. I don’t think quickly enough to be able to do that well. So, what should I do instead?

It seems to me that I should have a couple of personal introductions in my pocket so that I can introduce myself in a way that is relevant to the audience. I should practice tweaking them so that, should the need arise, I am able to speak to the interests of the group.

I should also prepare myself to say a few words on the current topic and be able to share insights on what I have learned. I might also be prepared to refuse the offer to speak, to step back from being put on the spot, if I have nothing of value to add. Being invited to share my thoughts should not require that I do so. I could just ask a question instead – opening the conversation to others. 

I think that confidence is a result of knowing myself well, being prepared and being willing to practice talking to all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. I think that being confident also means being secure in myself as person who has something of value to offer the world.

What do you think?

Know Yourself is the first axiom we study in our program. We learn about our temperament and our aptitudes. We strive to understand and hone our strengths. And we work to minimize the impact of our weaknesses.

Until tomorrow, GUNG Ho friends!