I’ve been reading … Investment advice from our own Warren Bergen

After reading Swagger & Sweat, I was ashamed to discover that, some fifteen years into my high-tech business, I continued to struggle with some of the symptoms of “founderitis”, a particularly dangerous affliction that I now know impedes the growth of my business.

Bergen’s clarion call is to “SHOW YOU KNOW” and he implores entrepreneurs to truly understand their business and to plan every aspect of its growth before meeting with potential investors. The book clearly identifies and justifies the approach that every entrepreneur should follow to ensure that they attract suitable investors and that the relationship fulfills the financial aspirations of each.

Although targeted to enlighten those seeking investment capital, Swagger & Sweat is equally applicable to anyone working to attract experienced partners, talented employees, or indeed convince a customer to take the risk of buying from a small company. Bergen’s book belongs on the bookshelf of every self-proclaimed or wannabe entrepreneur. We ignore his words at our peril.

Have you read it?

We believe in you. Gung Ho Friends!