I’ve been reading.

Many authors tell us that customer discovery is a critical and necessary part of getting our business off on the right foot. And most entrepreneurs know this but find it hard to do.   

In his 83-page book Talking to Humans, Giff Constable walks us through the customer discovery process. He reminds us that customer discovery is about talking to customers face-to-face to understand their needs. He tells us very clearly what customer discover is and how to do it. He also tells us what customer discovery is not.

“Here’s what customer discovery is not: It is not asking people to design your product for you. It is not about abdicating your vision. It is also not about pitching. A natural tendency is to try to sell other people on your idea, but your job in customer discovery is to learn.”

The book provides clear advice on:

  • How to start the customer discovery process
  • Identifying who you want to learn from
  • Understanding what you want to learn
  • Finding your interview subjects
  • Ensuring an effective session
  • Making sense of what you learn

In addition, Constable provides several examples and exercises to get us started.

I have read many things on customer discovery and this very short, easy-to-read book is an excellent place for new and experienced entrepreneurs to hone the qualitative part of understanding the customer. I highly recommend buying and studying Constable’s simple approach. And we would love to hear what you have learned about your customers and about yourself.

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