Our program has three important and integrated components. Each of the components expands our knowledge and raises our confidence as business leaders.

Cohort Meetings

Intrepids Cohort Meeting

Cohorts have between five and ten c-suite members. The members are from technology-based businesses of different types, ages and stages. Some of these business leaders are serial entrepreneurs, working on their next venture. Some are building their first.

The cohorts meet at the same time and place each week. Discussion topics are selected by the group and are lead by one of its members. The topics are typically around a problem someone in the group is currently experiencing. Group members also use this time to practice investor pitches, get feedback on promotional materials, explore a business-related goal, etc.

The TransforMana representative recommends relevant articles and books upon which to further the discussion and expand on the perspectives being presented.

Cohort Learning Opportunities

In the cohorts, members:

  1. Share ideas and hear multiple perspectives on current topics
  2. Learn to share and support their own perspective
  3. Learn to offer helpful critique
  4. Learn from others with more experience than themselves
  5. Teach others with less experience than themselves
  6. Challenge their thinking against other entrepreneurs
  7. Practice presenting in front of groups
  8. Practice effectively participating in and chairing meetingsĀ†

Self-Paced Online Learning

Online learning environments are very effective for people to learn at their own pace. Because our businesses are in various stages of growth, we will each be working on, and learning about, different aspects of our business development at different times.

Independently, members:

  1. Work at their own pace
  2. Explore business concepts
  3. Learn about themselves as leaders – what they’re good at and care about
  4. Consider personal goals
  5. Design their business for growth
  6. Create experiments to learn about their business and their customers
  7. Draft company goals and plans
  8. Learn how their business makes money

Celebration and Awards

At the end of the year we celebrate our success at a cocktail party and awards ceremony.

Awards are presented for:

  • Graduation to new growth stage
  • Completion of curriculum topics
  • Gaining new customers
  • Creating new employment opportunities
  • Achieving profitability
  • Creating new investment opportunities
  • Leadership
  • Community engagement

We believe in you. Gung Ho Friends!