Debra Greig

Debra Greig

TransforMana is a guild – a group of people who share common interests and goals and who come together for mutual learning, aid and protection.

TransforMana’s customers are high-tech entrepreneurs who study the art and science of business.

It is for  those of you who refuse to give up, who refuse to be mediocre, and who are committed to doing better, being better, and to leaving your mark on your corner of the world.

It is for those of you who have good days and bad, and whose bad days bring the kind of suffering that only comes from doing something that you love. It is for those of you who refuse to harden your hearts because you love your customers, your colleagues, your communities, and business life.

We hope that TransforMana becomes more than merely a place where we all come together to learn from and support each other. We hope that it will absorb you wholly, that your characters will be as much affected as your minds – that your businesses thrive as a result, and that you really do change the world and make it a better place to be.

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Who We Are

Each member of the TransforMana team has joined us to study the art and science of business. We are all entrepreneurs and learners at heart. Some of us have owned companies. All of us have worked for one at some point in our careers.

Each of us has had moments during our work when we could hardly contain the joy that comes from delighting a customer, from understanding their needs a little better, from inspiring them to reach further, or from doing a better job than we had done the time before. This is when our businesses have provided the finest work we know.

But there have been other moments when our work has held no joy, when we were lifeless and confused, when we didn’t know how to move our businesses forward or know how to reach out to our customers in a helpful way – when we felt so powerless to do anything that the business needed. It was at these times when even our trusted colleagues were the enemy and when we wanted to pack it all in and find something else to

It was out of this frustration that TRANSFORMANA WAS BORN