transformanaOur Name

TransforMana is the joining of two words: transform and mana.

Transformation represents our commitment to learning. It is through joint transformation that we create a meaningful life for ourselves and for the people who rely on each of us as leaders of our organizations.

Mana is a Polynesian word meaning power and effectiveness. In people, mana is thought to be possessed or gained through harmonious actions. The energies of our businesses are focused and sustained through our mana.

Our Logo

Our logo is a stylized human hand. It serves to remind us that a business is a uniquely human endeavour. As such, we have a responsibility to the people with whom TransforMana directly interacts and to all of the people of the world, regardless of their location or their status.

Our Colours

We chose the colour purple to represent the transformation.  Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence and creativity. It is the colour of our potential as business leaders.

Green is the colour of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. It also suggests endurance and stability. It is fitting then, that this is the colour of our mana – our energy.