Regardless of the current age or stage of your business, study begins with the SEEDLING stage, targeted at the CEO. Revisiting your start ensures that you have a solid underpinning before you continue the work of growing the company.

Everyone begins with knowledge of themselves and their team and they fill in any gaps as they go.  Progress is never linear – we pivot and iterate as we learn.

Since a business is the most fragile at the SEEDLING STAGE, starting out well means learning about yourself as a leader, understanding what business you’re in, learning about your customers and understanding how you make money. 

The Seedling Roadmap

The Seedling roadmap starts with your getting prepared for the important journey you are about to take and ends with a product you will introduce to your chosen market.      

The path will not be a straightforward one. It will take many twists and turns as you discover who your customer will be, what products will satisfy their needs and how you will build a viable business based on these discoveries.

The Roadmap & the Axioms

The roadmap is the path through the four seedling axioms. Each axiom is a different colour and the colours were not chosen arbitrarily. There is meaning in the colours we use.

Know Yourself – green is the colour of nature, of new growth and of fertility

Know Your Business – orange is the colour of creativity, determination, strength, endurance, enthusiasm and success

Know Your Customer – turquoise is the colour of communication, clarity, intuition, balance and stability

Know How You Make Money – purple is the colour of independence, magic, power and wisdom

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

Let’s make sure that the steps we take are in the right direction.

Are you ready?